Saturday, August 11, 2012

Super Good News!

last night we went out to get ice cream
at first, we wanted to have Tutti Fruitti
but xde rezeki..since we went out at 11pm. its kinda late
so menapak lah di IceRoom, Senawang
as usual, i ordered my all time fav Yamy Yamy while mom shared Cha Cha Cha with my brother

i have 2 super good news!
my brother, si amir tu hri bukan main rajen lg bukak website
browse pnye browse, he saw cheap airfare to Bandung
dgn cepat dan tangkasnye, die bgtau to my mom
my mom yg maybe tgh khusyuk memasak tu pun, trus setuju
and my brother trus naik atas, get my mom's purse to get her credit card
tanpa segan dan silu, trus purchase 3 tickets to Bandung
shopping trip to Bandung is my super early birthday present from my mom
homaigod! im super excited
so right now, i got to clean up my closet to make room for new things!

another good news is that,
i got to go to Korea next year, during summer
for a month with my mom!
and insyaAllah, i'll be going again to Korea in September 2013 with my bro
murah rezeki berjalan thn 2013 nieh..
hopefully i dont have to take short semester next year so that i can stay with my mom in Korea!

the bad thing is that i got to leave my mr.Saranghae lame-lame
i've told him, and he didnt mind
i just hope that he will behave himself when im gone
no matter where im going..

this photo was taken during our iftar together at The Spaghetti Farm
anney ni blanje..hikhikhik!
then we watched Total Recall
that movie was superb!
my next movie that i want to watch is the new Step Up
Aten watched that already and she said it was awesome
so i have to watch that too!

* * * * *
next week is Hari Raya already!
oh my God!
time really do flies!
it feels like it was yesterday when i first started fasting this year
well, im not getting any skinnier this year. i got chubbier instead!
thanks to mr.Saranghae, my mom and my dad who fed me with super duper delicious food for iftar EVERYDAY without fail
and now, im worried..bju raye tu muat lg ke tidak tuh..yelah, bju raye bln 6 lg da siap..haha! nasib la

skrg ni blom sempat lg nk teman mr.Saranghae g bli bju mlayu..busy je manjang..insyaAllah, mggu ni dpt la kot..i'll make time sket la for him..cian die..
haaaa, another great news - mr.Saranghae's sis-in-law just gave birth to twin girls! pening la kpale mr.Saranghae ni melipat angpau raye nnt..haha! and he's going back to Terengganu this Saturday, this year, im going to attend open houses with a companion! no more lonely Alia! haha!
im super excited!

thats all for now. take yea!

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