Friday, August 10, 2012


finally, i can have a peace of mind
my subjects registration, SETTLED!
dah boleh balik dgn hati yg gumbira
im gonna spend my weekend with my mom and my bro
smentare my mom de kt Seremban ni, dekat sket nk jumpe..kang ble die da fly, susah plak
furthermore, mggu ni last kot minggu yg bersenang lenang ni..lps ni, busy daaa..

the thing that im not happy about my timetable is the gap
seriously, i got 4 hours of gap everyday!
klu bulan xpuase ni, maun g tgk movie and eating je..haihhhh!!!
makin melayang2 $$$!

this weekends is going to be chill weekend
im going to get mani and pedi..maybe facials treatments..going to saloons..
almaklum laa, rye da dekat kn..

i'll come back soon


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