Thursday, August 2, 2012


hello bloggies!

my first week of school a.k.a university was up side down
right now, im still waiting for my subject to be approved by the academic advisor, which is also known as 'the planner' haha.
im currently not happy with the who-ever-person-who-set-the--time-slot
ure making me crazy adding and dropping subjects
right now, i one have 1 tiny little class on Monday
agak bengang sket disitu
im still waiting for another subject which is 'Multimedia Authoring 2'
klu dpt, im going to have 14 credit hours..klu x..haihhh..11 je..which is really sikit!
do pray that everything will going well for me this semester

hari ni rsenye da bleh turun 5kg..cuz naik trun tangge cri lecturer and academic advisor
phew~ super tired

i pray for the best this semester..


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