Saturday, August 4, 2012


Annyeong (^.^)

its a good thing when u have someone work over the sea..haha
well, my mom just came back from Korea recently (wed, 1aug2012)
i just send the car to the airport, then my bro took her back to Seremban.
so yesterday, i went back to Seremban
these are the things my mom bought for me
not much because she is going back to Korea soon

 my cosmetic supplies! and now, im addicted to lip balms!
and u can call me, lip-balm-freak! 
 and this jumper
i believe that it says "2012 Chonnam University Summer Course"
insyaAllah la..
kalau salah, maksudnye sye tlah men-syirikkn anda..haha. sorry.
and these are our supplies of seaweeds
since my families have been half-ly influenced by the korean culture, we had our meals accompany by kimchi and, we need this.. A LOT

thats all for now.


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