Friday, November 9, 2012

9 Nov 2012

after watching that movie, mr.Saranghae keep on telling me that im kinda act like the girl in that movie. not that im fluttering myself, but i think that it is not true. i think that i am so much cooler than cuter than that! haha!
*here we go again..Lya is fluttering herself*

so, today is 9Nov
for the past few years, today meant a lot to me
its Shabil's birthday
well, as u all know..we're not together anymore
but i somehow remember all the surprises, the present, the lunch, the dinner..huhu!
good times!
to Shabil, it ure reading this post, i would like to wish u, Happy 22nd Birthday!
semoge panjang umur & dmurahkan rezeki. after all we've been thru, im glad that ure still my friend.

so next post is about relationship
im sooooo glad that ive made friends for the past few weeks
all this while, i thought that i have nobody to rely on, to ask help from
but now, im currently happy with this new relationship
thanked God!

so from now on, im going to be more positive on things


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