Friday, November 9, 2012

My Movie Night (^.^)

 last night was my movie night with my mr.Saranghae!
we actually wanted to watch TED or the SkyFall
but as we reach the counter, SkyFall was sold out! and as for TED, only front row left
so we cancelled our plan to watch either one of them
its the premier day of 'Istanbul Aku Datang', so we decided to watch that
well, i seldom-ly watched malay movie, unless there are so many good comments on the movie 

not bad! seriously funny!
for a malay movie, it was a success
ive been to Istanbul, Turkey once when i was 12! haha! this movie was kinda refresh the memories a lil bit because its kinda 10 years ago..haha!

its about a girl, Dian who travelled to Istanbul in order to be near to her boyfriend, Azad
her actual plan was to get Azad to propose to her by the end of her language studies in Istanbul
but things doesnt go the way she wanted them to be
so, she met her new roomate, Harris
well, thats when the conflicts arrived..
well, u guys have to watch it urself so that u know whats the ending..
for a malay movie, i give 4.5 out of 5 stars!

its a must watch malay movie!

well, thats all on Istanbul Aku Datang


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