Friday, November 16, 2012


sometimes, we wondered "am i doing the right thing?" and "what if i didnt do it?"
those are the questions that lingered on my mind right now

i began to wondered, "what if i didnt say a word. will this happen to me?"
before i started thinking of the negative things about what happened, i've already apologized. 
at least ive done my part
if im wrong, im sorry. but if im right, ive let u know the things that bothers me
i thought, being in a relationship (*refering to all kind of relationship; lovers/fiance/friends/sister/brother, etc.) means that ure willing to be honest with each other
if u have something that bothers u, u should come clean about it
am i right?

dont get me wrong, im not trying to prove anything here
i love u as much i love our relationship
we shared everything together
and now i feel like ure bailing on me
u got the wrong picture of what ive said before
and im sorry for that
but u wouldnt listen to my explanation..
when ure ready, u know where to find me..i love u!


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