Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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how many of us are insured?
how many of us know the reason why we needed one?
how many of us are aware of the benefits of getting one?

when we walked across those people who try to give awareness to us on the importance, we was just "talk-to-the-hand". am i right?

here's one situation:
ure diagnosed with one chronic disease. u need surgery as soon as u can. after gathering money from families, u still need 20k in order for u to get the surgery. 

where will u get help from? will ur neighbours help u by donating 1k each? 
think about it
everyday, we saw people who asked donations through Berita Utama Tv3. did they managed to get those amount of money? what if, first round, u manage to get that surgery..second time? will other people help u again by donating their money? other people have other commitments too. they have children, parent, etc..they also need saving for their future. 

to be safe, get one for urself. i am not trying to sell products here, but im trying to give awareness on the importance on being insured. once u get sick, there is no point for u to look for these things anymore. no company will sell u their insurans. 

i am lucky that i have this awareness right from the start. Alhamdulillah, my mother has insured me since 2008.
this card will help u in ur difficult times. and the great things is that this product is also act as 'Retirement Plans'. and with this card, u will feel at ease even when ure sick. u dont need to worry on where to get money for medical. all u do is to get the best treatment to cure ur sickness.

to know more on this plan/products, inbox me and i will direct u to the professionals.

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