Saturday, November 10, 2012


YES! im not capable of doing EVERYTHING!
but im trying my best to do it
and right now, im trying my best to keep my mind straight and still stay positive
the more i want to be positive, more negative things coming
its like NEVER stop
i am super dupper not in a good mood
if only i knew these things will happen, i wouldnt have come at first place
i should follow mr.Saranghae to Sunway Lagoon for his workplace's family day.

its not that hard, i just have to get that free ticket, then enter..let him finish his family day..when its over, he is all mine
i should have fun today!
Saturday is suppose to be a day where i dont have to thing about stupid things 
even if i dont want to follow mr.Saranghae to Sunway, i could just sleep all day at home
rather than being here, like a Stonehenge.
well, okay what rather than being a tomb..haha!
i thing, im wasting my time right now. this shouldnt be like this at the first place im mumbled alone in my heart, i remember..
my first question, "mampu ke?"
hahaha! yes, sye xmampu..sye manelah pandai sume2 ni..
i ONLY good in fully utilized the facebook..blogger..twitter..instragram..
bende2 academic ni, mne lah sye pandai


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