Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sarang & Penang

today's post is on my guest in Penang
hahaks! guest la pulak kn..
well, he came here to Penang for hockey tournament
the tournament is on Saturday..i got to watch him play. but due to the super duper hot weather, i stay in the car..haha!
unfortunately, he didnt make it to the final..
then i got to chit a lil chat with him before he sends me back to my mom's office around 7pm
since he came with his group, they got lots of plans
so i dont want to bother him

well, today is his last day here in Penang :-(
he woke me up at 7am and asked me out for brekkie
well, we we're out at 9am
then we went to Kapitan for tosai and chapati
after that, i showed him around
i cant show much since there are going to head back to KL around 11am or 12noon
these are the pics i got to snap before he sends me home

im gonna miss u!
thanks for coming and squeeze in ur schedule to fit me in
i wish we had more time for me to show u more on Penang and eat more Penang's foods
i hope to see u again in Penang soon, insyaAllah
next week, maybe?
*wink wink wink*


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