Friday, December 7, 2012

Mon-Fri in Penang

Assalamualaikum..and salam Jumaat!

its been almost a week since im here in Penang!
to be honest, i dont like staying at home. and i need real food!
as soon as i arrived in Penang, i had Nasi Kandar kuah banjir..
but days after that? 
no rice at all..
on Tuesday, i just had papaya and 'akok' 
this is my brekkie on Wednesday
oats french toast with honey and lots of carrots..and full cream milk
then, i had lunch..since i had late lunch, this is dinner too..
chili honey ginger chicken on baguette with carrots..and honey jujube tea.. 
that night i was super hungry..and all i got is green apple..

and yesterday, which is Thursday, i had a bowl of coco crunch for brekkie..and later for my late lunch, i ate this..
fried chicken with potatoes and carrots and cucumber..with just plain water 
as i uploaded this to my facebook, many of them asked whether it is cooked or not..haha! of course they are all cooked. i just boiled them..thats all..
since i had big portion, so thats my dinner as well.

well i think today is the best day ever to me in Penang so far!
i woke up early, *but i didnt catch up my mom before she left for work*
then i had my brekkie,
oats french toasts with honey, apple and cucumber..together with full cream milk

well, today i did something that i barely did.
since today is Friday, there are lots of Islamic tv programs..for once in my life, i watched Al-Hidayah! then, Astro Oasis..well, there are so many new things ive learned today.
and i cut my finger nails. it is sunat to cut them on Friday!
yuhhhhuuu!!! i feel sooooooo nice today!
and later, my mom promised to go out for Tandoori! yuhuuuu!

thats all for now.


  1. diet ka oii.. baguihnyaa tengok..aku tengok bila mak aku buka ja.. hehe

  2. mne de ceq oiii..sian perut aku ni xde nasi..huhu! tp xkurus2 pun.huhu!