Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grown Ups

well, my today's post is about how time REALLY does flies!
and in less than a month, im going to be 23! homaigod! i cant believe that! i feel like i still didnt do anything for myself that i can be proud of

well, since now is the marriage-engagement season..
so many of my friends are getting married *im sorry guys, i cant attend ur in Penang now* 
and my friends who getting engage or got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!

and the more reason for me to be jealous is that,
some of them are getting pregnant and just got babies!
see, how time really does flies! 

anyway, im soooo happy for u guys!
may all of u be happy til death! hahaha! 

today is 12.12.12
what a nice date right? i wish i could get married on a date like this

i wish today will bring soo many sweet memories for me, and for u guys out there. 
thank u for being my blog reader
u guys are amazing! 

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