Friday, December 7, 2012


last night, after piking up my mom from the airport, we had a conversation:

ibu: "ko masuk sem dpn ni, thn 2 la yea?"
me: "nope. thn 3 la.."
ibu: "kenape pulak thn 3? ko blaja bape thn ni?"
me: "spatutnye da transfer credit yg xsberape tu, tggl la 3thn stengah.."
ibu: "oh, really? so klu mcm tu, ko da boleh da survey2 tempat nk sambung master".
me: "" *gulp*

time really does flies! rse nye mcm bru last month hbs semester for my 3rd sem diploma..well, selagi mampu, i will still study..insyaAllah, smpi dpt PhD..
well, being a lecturer just like my mom is not that bad. if im hardworking enough, i got to go to all over the world. just like my mom..

but then, bile nk kawen? haha! well, im too young for that now. even few of my friends are already married with babies, well that doesnt work for me..


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