Friday, December 21, 2012

days i cooked

hello darlings!

i think it been a while since my last post.
been busy with i dont know what. hehe!

last Wednesday, i decided chicken curry..
i google-d and youtube-ing on how to make chicken curry
so, i followed the instructions given
this is the outcome
the thing with my curry is that, ITS NOT RED LIKE CURRY!
haha! yes
and my mom is laughing at it too
and other people on facebook!
i am super duper embarrassed! and all people keep on saying that my curry looks like Kurma. 

okay, im over this!
so, today i tried another thing: DURIAN CREPE

since my darling bought for me that day, ive been dreaming of this.
so i decided to try to make it on my own.

dont u dare laughing at my crepe!

im going to cook again later..
daging kicap with blackpepper!

til then,

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