Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bad night

I juz talk to shabil. Very disappointed with myself. Hurmm..I thought all I did all this while are RIGHT. But it turns out that I'm TOO PUSHY. What a bad habit of me.
So I made a decision. I wun bother him anymore. I think, we spend more than his sleeping hours talking to me. After this, I will juz wait for his call. (Agak2 boleh x I wat mcm tu?)
When I called, he always doing something. So better if he's the one who call first. Cuz I don't do anything much.

1. I wun call him unless its emergency.
2. I wun ask him out.
3. I will juz do my thing.
4. We will go seperate ways.

All of that DOES NOT mean BREAKING UP but juz for each other's own good. Its kinda hard for me since I'm depending on him all this while for almost 4 years. I guess, its not too late for me to learn to do all things alone.
Next semester, I planned NOT TO SEE EACH OTHER EVERYDAY. Maybe just once a week or once every two weeks. Hope it will turns out the way that I wanted to. Hehe!
After this, I'm going shopping, eating ALONE. Terase mcm single la nk wat mcm mne..I have to stop bothering shabil.. (Please pray that I can do it)
I'm going to sleep now. When I open my eyes in the morning, I will start with all of these. Goodnite!

x o x o

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