Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here we go again...

I had a cold fight with my mom. I dun know what I did, but u know she is mad at me. I can think of a few things. But its soooooo small! Xkn sbb tu pun smpi nk treat me like that.
Well, I'm not mom's fav daughter.. I should know that..dr dlu lg..
Da 2 3 kali mom asked me wat practikal kt Penang. Haha! Klu mcm ni la kn, better not. Living with her will only makes her more angry & hate me. Its for our own good. Pasal hal kecik pun nnt smpi xbercakap. That's what happen now. So better la I stay in KL do my own things rather than stay in Penang and gaduh je. Org tnye je die jwb mcm myampah or something.
A few days ago, she sick. I'm not sick but I have headache the whole day. She doesn't believe me. Klu I skt, she wil never believe me. Mcm I buat2 sakit. To her, I mude lg and xsepatutnye skt. She always compare her way of life when she was at my age with my way of life now. What can I do? Dulu dgn skrg lain. Mcm mne nk samekn sume tu?
Bkn I xnk stay in Penang, tp we can't stay together for a long time. Klu setakat cuti2 tu boleh la..klu lame, my mom akan jd meyampah. Utk mengelakkan kejadian itu dr berlaku, lbh baik la I stay in KL je.
I'm not Amir. Klu amir wat pape pun, she wun be mad for long. Not like me. She will not talking to me for a really long time. I'm not her fav daughter. Amir is her everything..he's smart, went to a great university, dpt scholarship something to talk about among her I got nothing. I was just finishing her money. And malukan die je..I know that.
And my mom always call amir. When she went overseas, she will call amir. When she can't reach amir, then only she will call me.
Now, I just have to wait a few more weeks for me to go back to KL. I don't hate my mom..but its better this way. Lg lame keadaan mcm ni, lg la die hate me.

Til then,

x o x o

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