Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Days with my Bambam!

Shabil is going back to Seremban on Wednesday. So we decided to spend Monday and Tuesday together. I gonna miss him..he's going back to get ready for his job this new year.
He's going to do the video of my best cousin (ever)'s wedding! I am sooo thrilled (and super dupper nervous too!) to see the outcome. Hehe!

* * * * * *

Here's the story --->
Hehe! On monday, we ate Prosperity Burger at McD Sg.Dua..soooo nice! Its nice to see shabil after a long-time-no-see. Hehe!
Then yesterday we ate CHEEZY ZINGER CRUNCH! Sooooo cheeezy! Not good for my diet! Hehe! (Tp skali skale ape x?) Hehe! We walked from my house to KFC, from KFC to post office in USM, then pit-stop at the ANJUNG (anjung pe ntah..lupe plak). After that, we walked to my home. Today is like a "safe the environment's day" to us..hehe!
That's all for now..til then,

x o x o

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