Sunday, December 26, 2010

:: Barbie Fashion Farytale ::

OMG! Barbie is soooooo beautiful! i wish i could be like Barbie. hehe! well, these are the picture in Queensbay Mall, Penang during BARBIE FASHION FARYTALE. i used to have them..but not anymore. i still remember my dad bought me Barbie. hehe! that was the greatest present ever! im the only ONE who have that new Barbie at that time. after moving a few times, i lost them.
well, thats why i dont have any toys that can reminded me of my dad.
owh, i miss him! i miss u, Abah.

well, malas la nk cerite byk2, these are a few photos. i went there with my Bambam. hehe! had lunch at the Johnny's then walk..then frozen yogurt at J.Co Donut! hehe!

thats all for now. goodnite people!

x o x o

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