Wednesday, December 8, 2010

*wajah2 kegedikkan*

this is what happened if i dont have anything to do.
bru blaja this software from a friend
klu x tu gne photoshop je..lame..

update for today :
yesterday i added Hazwan Zulyadain in facebook.
and to day die da comfirm me.
then ptg td die we chat
he is now study to be a nurse.
nk jd midwife rupenye..
and die nnt nk smbut my baby.
haha! angan2 la sgt kn..
baby is not my thing
love to see. but not for me. i prefer not to..
but shabil, he insists to have them..urgh!
(thats something that i have to bear with if i want to be shabil's wife)
hope i will just fine to have a baby soon. maybe 7 or 8 year more..huhu!
seriously, i just want to be with shabil alone. no other distractions. baby is a distractions..
(please dun be mad at me if ure reding this, okay learning to like them)

*wink wink*

back to the story, hazwan still calling me Princess..hehe! i was once princess. hehe!
dr skolah dulu pun die suke la sgt panggil i Princess.
its good to see more familiar faces these days.
(faces that i like ONLY!)
hope to still be in touch with him.
for a long, long time..hehe!

well, thats all for now.
have a good day, people!
and thanks for reading my stories..

x o x o