Monday, December 6, 2010

i miss him

my current thoughts?
me & shabil
i miss him!

*i know people yg bace ni akan ckp "gedik gile minah nieh!". but who cares? sape soh ko bce blog aku kn? ade aku pakse? it mine!*

tp 2 3 hari ni shabil suke sgt2 buat i marah! i dun know whats his intentions but he still give me money. hehe!
thank you syg!
love u soooo much!

if u read this syg, please stop making me mad. mad will make me have an early wrinkles. u know i hate that. and u know i juz did my laser treatment. u dont want to spoil that right? hehe!
u love me right? so stop making me mad.
call me as frequent as u could. 
bbm me always!
cuz i miss u soooo much!

it may sound ridiculous, but thats all my thoughts for now. and i am waiting for shabil to call me. we juz had a small fight. 

*pujuk la i cepat*

thats all for now.
x o x o

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