Friday, December 3, 2010

i should have a meeting in KL on the 10th Dec but still cant confirm that. urgh! is it hard to confirm that?
same goes to my biz trip to Sabah on the 18th..
susah la mcm life full with plans.
i need the actual date for me to organize my schedule..urgh!
so frustrating!
dah la cuti ni xdpt g mne2 coz of the work..
but at least, i gain some money...

* * * * *

me and shabil?
hmmm...hard to say.
sometimes okay..sometimes bad..
asyik gaduh je
yeah, maybe we need space. 

* * * * *

skrg ni da xleh g Korea.
korea utara tgh perang dgn korea selatan.
so, we'll see
ingt nk g hujung thn ni..
tp nmpknye..tidaklah..
tp xpe, next year ibu duk sane for at least 3 months.
so bleh la g around nov or dec next year.
hopefully everything okay at that time.
we got a lot of plans for next year
:: 2011 ::
a few more weeks dah nk masuk thn baru.
so excited
im going to be 21!
next year bleh g overseas a lot of time since ibu akan duk few places.

thats all my thoughts for now.
til then,

x o x o