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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a reminder to myself

hello bloggies! how are u guys?
i wish that ya'll in a good health. i know, this fasting month have been challenging due to the hot weather..
do drink a lot of water yea..! and dont forget to consume vitamin C. 

talking about Vitamins, my mom have been a really great pusher. she have been calling me to remind me to take my supplements. especially vitamin C. 
to those who often get ulcers, that means u guys are lack of vitamin C and water. 
if u got ulcers during fasting, oh my Gucci..! i tell u, its going to be really2 painful as u cant drink any water to make it hydrated. and u have to drink lots of water! i prefer mineral water since the water contains minerals. haha! either way, u can have it ur way.

and another 1 more thing, dont eat spicy food during ur berbuka or sahur. 
u gonna get stomach pain. 
as for me, my tummy mmg baby sket. so i cant take any spicy food for the time being.
i took bimbim bap with kimchi on last Thursday. then toufu bento on Sunday. and as for yesterday, i ate ayam penyet. 
all of that was spicy. so i am receiving my treatments from the food til now. haha! 
but, how am i suppose to stop eating spicy food? mmg tak la kn..
eating non-spicy food wont give any satisfaction to me. its like drinking a mineral water. right?
well, for my own good..i guess i have to stop it for a while.

now i know how to niat puasa & doa buka puasa.
im super duper proud of myself!
before this, i will be caling Abah everynight for the niat. hehe!
now, i can rely on myself! 
i am super duper happy!
now, im not soooo spoilt bratz anymore..

this fasting month have taught me to be more patience. 
i think i dont really mad like i used to. i tend to shut my mouth up than cursing at others. 
insyaAllah, i hope these with last for a long time. its not good for people to curse at other people, right?
as for the forgive & forget,  i still cant do that. as i look at that person, i dont think i can even forgive..
im stuck. dont know what to do. oh my Prada..i hate that situations!

im hoping foe the best this fasting month. to those who knows me, im sorry for all my wrong doings. and as for my reader/followers, im sorry for the inappropriate word used. i really appreciate that u guys are actually reading my kinda 'syok sendiri' blog. hehe! 
and i pray for ur happiness!

take care darlings! 
x o x o

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