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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

M : A : N : T : A : I

yup, many of u will be wondering whats up with the title. hehe! well, its like a celebration that 'orang nogoghi' will celebrate a day before fasting month starts. during that day, we will be having like a mini Hari Raya. we got lemang, rendang and soups. im kinda surprise that not all people have this in their hometown. well, next year u may come celebrate this with me. 
my dad fetch me from my hostel on last Friday (29July2011). on our way to Seremban, i was stuck on the jam for more than an hour..ish3..really bad traffic. as we arrived in Seremban, we pick up my grandmother at home for dinner. we had western dinner. i had chicken + lamb. i like the chicken, but the lamb was a turn off. 
on the next day which is Saturday, i had to stay at home since Mama and Abah went to KL with 2 cars. the other cars? all went to service center. except for Volvo. it was with Amir. so i had to wait for him to come back then only we will go out. since Amir was really late, me and Abah decided to go for 'meat hunting'. hahaha! thats for the rendang, masak lemak, and the soups. there was a really bad traffic going to Kuala Pilah. so we decided to make a u-turn, after dinner we will go back. as my brother arrived at home, we went out for dinner. we had 'burung puyuh' as our main dish. that was really nice! guess what? i ate birds!!! haha! after that, around 11 we went back for 'meat hunting' in Kuala Pilah. there are not many people 'mantai' this year...hmmmm...
after 3 hours of 'meat hunting', we went back home with lots of meat! yay! 
next day, Abah cooked 'masak lemak daging' for us. that was a blast! i love it! its been long since i had 'masak lemak'. i love it! then later my grandmother cooked rendang. i had to wait like almost 3 hours to get to eat that rendang. hehe! i love it tooooo. last weekend is all about foooood! i think, ive gained more weight!!! heeelp! hopefully during this fasting month i will lost some weight. hehe! 

thats all for now.
to all Muslims, Happy Fasting! 

"Syaitan sudah di ikat, maknanya, sifat-sifat buruk yg ada pd kita skrg ni, adalah datangnya dr kita sendiri dan bukannya dr gangguan syaitan. ubahlah sikap itu, tidak ada siapa yg akan mengubah sikap itu melainkan diri sendiri. cubalah berubah dlm bulan yg penuh rahmat ini".

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