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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My 2nd Day of Fasting

so far, byk tul dugaan..
i lost my money on Sunday.
and as for today, im in terrible headache until now.
can u imagine, how long did i try to endure this pain? seriously, i cant even think.
so, for my break-fast, i only drink 1 kotak of soya milk. 
i dont even gather my strength to go my get something better to eat.
redha je la..
now im taking pain killers. even though its not good, but u have too. i cant take this pain anymore.
and as for my assignments, i feel like as if im an animation student. all i have to do it sketches.
for creative advertising, storyboard design and visual communication's class, all the same. 
i have to came out with sketches..

i think thats all for tonight.
have a nice day ahead darlings!
x o x o

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