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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things that i cant leave home without :

here are the things that i have in my handbag. so dont ask me whats inside my handbag.

my handphone (my maxis line)
my BlackBerry
my tablet (what a life without internet connection, right?)
important keys
baby wipes (not that i have baby, but this is essential)
sanitizer wipes (this only apply sometimes)
compact powder
lip balm (this is crucial! my lips are super dry!)
compact mirror (quick touch-up)
pantiliner (for emergency. we'll never know..)

well, what i have in my handbag are basically what other girls have. we have lots of things to carry around. so thats why handbag is another crucial thing. hehe!

thanks for ur time reading this.
take care darling! have a great day ahead.

x o x o


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