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Monday, September 5, 2011

Post on "Hari Raya"

hello bloggies! 

as promised, here are my updates on my Hari Raya celebration in Kelantan.

i went back to Kelantan 2 days before Hari Raya, which is on Sunday. on that day, my uncle held a 'Buka Puasa' at his new house in Kota Bharu. its kinda like a 'house-warming' party for the families. the are at least 20 people there. after that, i went back to Tumpat, where my 'kampung' is. 

the next day, my mom and my auntie was soooo busy 'meat-hunting'. haha! for rendang and gulai stuff. that night, Tokmek held Buka Puasa for very closed families at home. but before that night, i was helping on hooking the curtains. and not to be bitchy, it ruined my already-manicured nails. what a waste. but look at the bright side, i got to learn new things. like hooking and hanging the curtains. that was sooooo tiring! i cant believe how can the elders to that. later that night, i helped my mom making Rendang. its not spicy at all! kinda spoil my taste. 

on the Hari Raya, i went to solat with Tokmek since my mom cant go. as soon as i got back home, there are people coming. there are families to my Tok Ayah. his siblings, nephew and nieces..they know me, but i dont know them. haha! *dont call me arrogant! i just that im not used to see them*

second Hari Raya, we went to the other families house. 

on the third day, i worked as Photographer to family's friend wedding in Pantai Sri Tujuh. later that petang, i went to the pantai with my cousins and bro. shooting. huhu!

here are some pics took during my raya in Kelantan. enjoy!

. . .
i'll upload more when i got more time soon!

goodnight darlings! 

x o x o

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