Friday, September 23, 2011

Unikl Open House

Yesterday Unikl wat open day..! *since today is already considered as Friday*
Me and aten punye lah semangat mencari tmpt duduk dr kul 1030. Atlast dpt gak la. Meje dan kerusi basah xde org nk duduk. So we bought tissues and wipe the water off. *clever huh?*
We took everything! Then bru duduk enjoying the food. Baju and rambut da bau asap satay da..haha! There are curry me, yong tau fu, rojak buah, nasi tomato, hotdog, nasi impit + kuah kacang, satay and fruits cocktails.
But i do prefer last year's menu..because this time the menus are mostly from the bistro itself..quite boringggg!
*da bg mkn free pun lg mau bising kn..?*
Thats just my opinion la..huhu!

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