Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ Cameron ~

sambung entry sebelum ni yea..

*the night before. mse Abah tgh sibuk2 pujuk suruh ikot*

*first stop. tea time!*

*on my way to Cameron, then to my sis-in-law house in Batu Gajah*

*im not a big fan of corn. but Wan berjaye made me eat that*

*lame xtgk pokok ni. dule penah la..mse skolah2. sbb pokok ni de dlm buku teks pe ntah..haha!*
*sibuk je ade Abah dlm pic nieh*

so this is my niece, Qaseh and my sis-in-law. she is the wife to my bro, DikWan. thats my first time meeting her. hehe!

*taken from my sis-in-law's fb*

comel kn? serious si Qaseh ni ikot my brother's face. 

thats all this time.

x o x o

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