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Saturday, September 10, 2011

going to be sick again.. :-(

hello people! 

YES! im going to be sick again..*hopefully not*
due to my improper sleeping time and improper meal time, this is the result.  
and as for today, i was super busy with class, assignments to submit and thing to settle, i am super tired.
first, i was walking under the hot sun without any protection..then going into an air-conditioned place..then walked in the rain..then went into cool place again..and YES, this is the result.

oh, how i miss my bed..with lots of pillows on it.
and how i love to have somebody to sleep with right now. dont get me wrong. i just want to be cuddled in times like this. 
and this is the time i miss my grandmother..she will picit my head..then make me bubur..
aaarrrghhhhhhhh..nk balik Seremban!!!

im going to have a loong day again tomorrow. got an open house to attend. rumah abg toyol in Dengkil. hehe! hopefully i will feel sooo much better tomorrow..! 

and as for u guys out there, dont repeat my mistakes here. take care of ur health, okay? u dont want to be sick. trust me!

nite2 darlings!

x o x o

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