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Monday, October 31, 2011

Dummies ---> Rich Core Media

hello darlings!

so, before im off to bed i would like to promote something:

they are expert in web services and media consultant *i think there are many more that they're expertise in..forgot already*
anyway, if any of u did read a post on dummiesgarage, this is them actually. but different company name. this time, name diorg lagi giler gempak! hehe! the new company name is Rich Core Media. best kn? dah ala2 Media Prima kn?

so here's the new website link :

do browse around their new webby yea. mne la tau if one day u might need to find expertise in these2 area, bleh la contact these guys.
and do like their facebook's fanpage yea :

this webby do provide info too such as; their blog post section. kinda interesting to read. dont forget to browse around yea!

take care darlings!

x o x o

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