Tuesday, October 25, 2011

:: S :: H :: O :: P :: P :: I :: N :: G ::

its something that i enjoy the most! i grew up spending lots of time in shopping malls. my parents spoiled me a lot that i can get whatever i want when i was a lil girl. if they cant keep their promises, they gave me money. if i achieve something, the will give me money. so money had become the most important things in my life. i cant live without money.

but things started to change when my parents realized that i had become a shopaholic. i tend to buy things that i dont need. i bought things that i thought was cute. and i love to treat people. so when i have that kind of attitude, i have lots of friends.

so now, my parents gave me super little money that i could only survive to eat for the week. my mom would bank in me some amount of money just to buy food. not other stuff. haish! thats kinda hard for me. ive been living with that convenient way for 21 years old. seriously, its hard.

during my diploma, i had Starbucks English Tea together with Bagel and Egg for breakfast. almost every morning. and i would have Subway Sandwiches for lunch. a slice of cake from Secret Recipe for tea time and something light that i can grab like Caesar's Salad of Cold Sandwiches  from BSC for dinner. and every week, i'll get new clothes or accessories. but then, thats just memories now. my parents dont like the fact that ive been spending money like that. huhu! poor me. instead of having 500 a week, i only got 200 per week now. transportation and assignments' needs are not included as i will ask money for printings or if i want to buy stationery.  i used to know which mall held a sale that month and where to get certain2 clothes. and i used to have membership at all my regular store! dont u like it that not all people can have that membership card? seriously, i love being member to a certain2 stores. ure going to get really nice treatment if ure member. i love that attentive feeling! hahahahah! but not anymore.

as im doing "WORLD HUNGER AWARENESS" campaign for my assignments, i began to realize that i wasted lots of my money for something that i dont need. people in Somalia are dying out of food, but me here wasting my food just because i dont like the taste of it. what an attitude right? yes, people hate me because im tooo over react with things that i hate.

so darlings, the purpose of this post today is, DO NOT WASTE UR MONEY & APPRECIATE THINGS THAT U HAVE NOW. for me, nothing lasts forever. u may enjoy ur freedom now but as for tomorrow..who knows what will happen?

started from that day, im more less mumbling about money. money comes and goes. so i told myself that i would not continue being "THAT" kind of person i was. and im trying my hard to be nice with everybody around me. but sometimes when i see a person who acted like she worth thousand bucks, i feel like i wanted to tell her "u know what, my handbag worth more than what ure wearing now". i used to be that person, but then ive changed maybe. i tend to not doing that anymore.

im a new person now. a person that able to overcome any difficulties. hehe! im super proud of myself. u know what, i want to learn how to live in really moderate environment. i would love to if somebody would take me to experience things like that. hehe! i would like to travel like a backpacker instead of travelling like Paris Hilton. thats my dream. i wish i could be more human than devil. hehe!

p/s: i have 1 great news for myself! my exhibition for Creative Advertising and Visual Communication has been postpone to 3 and 4 November instead of 27 and 28 October! yay!

well darlings, that all for now. i'll update soon for more stories. hehe!
have a great week ahead!

x o x o

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