Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bad Night of My Life

hi bloggies!

17 October was the day that i dont want to remember the most! because of that night, i hurt my wrist. im sooo lucky that during the performance, the other was wearing gloves. so thats kinda cover my bandaged wrist.

i hate Indians a.k.a KELING! dont call me racist cause they dont deserve my respect at all! fuck them all! if there's Indians asking for my help in the future, dont blame me cause not helping at that time. life is all about karma baby! i hope ur sis, or even mother is raped one day. and that day, u'll remember me. u'll remember what u did to me last night. i pray for the worst for both of u. 

im super lucky that there's nothing bad happened to me. its just that some scratch on both of my arms and neck. i really2 hate keling now! because of them, im afraid to even looking at the bridge now! 

to the people around me who knew about this, thanks for ur support. even kene marah balik, i love u guys. im trying my very hard to keep my promises to u guys, okay..hehe!

x o x o

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