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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Updates on My Exhibitions

olla darlings!

how have u been? as for me, last week was a really hectic week for me. lots of works to be done in such a short time.
have u read on my last post on my campaign? that 1 of the 2 assignments that i have to come out with materials and all for the exhibitions, Thursday and Friday. phew~ im glad its all over now. hehe! so here are few pictures during the 2 days of exhibitions.

*set up*


*hunger crew*

*say pizza...*

*the guys of the group*

*me & yatt*

*me + yatt + qila*

*ied + me + yatt + qila + aten*

*wajdi + husnan*

*aten + hafiy + me*

*wajdi + wan*


that are all for as for my Creative Advertising's exhibition.

but im not too happy about it because i have another 1 assignment to be done; STORYBOARD. my next presentation is on 17November2011. still got time to improve my drawings. hehe!

i'll update on my another exhibition soon. hehe!

take care darlings!

x o x o

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