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Friday, November 25, 2011

Packing and UnPack

olla dolls!

yay! i am super duper happy that ive done my work in KL! ive clean up my hostel's room..huhu! ive packed everything single thing and sent them to Nilai. my cousin's house. huhu!
super penat! ive been naik turun tangge 5 times to bawak turun all my stuff and load them in the car. nasib baik naik krete sorg2. klu la ade plak org yg nak tompang, mmg xdpt la..huhu!
im now in Nilai. and guess what? i got my own bed in Nani's room! hehe! its a sofa bed actually. but better than nothing kn..dah menompang kan..hehe!
after i finished unpack and kemas2, i'll upload my space's picture here. okay?

have a great weekends darlings! and take care!

x o x o

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