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Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Day of my 1st Semester

olla dolls!

how have u been doing? today is the day of my temporary independence day. *til next semester starts in January* hehe!
i havent been sleeping well for more than 48 hours this week! i got eye bags now..and pimples..oh gosh i hate it! but u know what, im super relieved that i managed to finished my first semester. huhu! doing degree is much harder than my diploma. in diploma, we're given multiple choice questions. but now, no more A B more circles2..its time for open ended questions, so-called-subjective questions.
for this semester, the lecturer i love the most is Madam Suzi. mmg chill hbs lah madam tuh. mse wat FYP dlu pnye lah garang! tbe2 sem ni peramah plak madam tuh. hehe! and there is lecturer that i dont like. yg tu lantak die la. hopefully i lepas that subject so that i wont have to see that lecturer again. huhu!
throughout this semester, i learnt that i really really have to manage my time wisely. lots of things happened beyond my control. and the things happened have taught me to be a way better person. im lot more stronger than before. i learnt how to live my life. how to NOT make friends anymore. haha! u know what, dont expect me to make friends anymore. im sick of new people who tries to use me for their good and convenience. im not a doll, okay? what is enough is enough. and dont expect me to help u anymore yea.
and as for these person who have been with me all this time, thanks a lot. u guys helped me a lot in getting through this semester. even that we fought a lot of time, it brings us closer than before and we learn more about each other.

so enough with the sad stories..

how did i celebrate my last day of my final paper?

jeng jeng jeng..i ate meatballs at IKEA! i went there with Fatin Athirah Roslay as soon as we finished our StoryBoard Design's scrapbook. i actually have to buy boxes. so dah alang2 tu, singgah la grab a bite. i only ate 5 meatballs tummy is not soooo well. i got food poisoning from yesterday's burger. klu xfood poisoning td, mesti da balun smpi 10! hehe!
then as usual, jalan2..berangan-angan..*bile la nk kawen and have that kind of space in my house?* oleh sbb kami dah more than 48 hours didnt get proper sleep, we landed on the display beds. theyre super comfy! oh, i want that bed! more nicer than my bed right now! looking at their kitchen room..walk in closet..OMG, there is nothing i can say to describe my feeling at that time. its like im walking into DisneyLand! wawawawah!

but then, the hard part is..i have lot of things to pack up. malasnye nk packing.. i have to pack..then send them to Nilai..since my mom is not in Malaysia, so im not going to be in Penang. so im going to be in Nilai for quite sometime. hehe! Seremban? maybe. if my dad is there, i'll go. if not, im not going back.

im going to miss Fatin Athirah! *mcm la xbleh jumpe kn...* hehe!

well, thats all for now. im going to update really soon.
take care dolls! have a great weekend! churp2!

x o x o

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