Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1 November 2011

yes, today is the day i come clean about everything.

finally, me, Alia Amira bt Abd Rahman and Muhammad Shabil Shamsuddin are no longer a couple.

but we promised to still stay friends like we used to. its a hard decision to do but we have to. we dont have any relationship issues but we dont feel that we are connected anymore.
he wants to explore the world, and i want to keep on continue exploring my world. so thats why we decided to follow our own path.
i wish he'll find things that he's been looking for.
thanks for ur time and support during all this almost 5years. i know we're still going to bump into each other a lot after this. since we're living on an island..haha! so, take care. hope to see u soon!

music in my head : someone like you - Adele

x o x o

Yours truly,

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