Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MMU Rakan Muda Run 2011

hello my darlings!

as requested by my brother, here are the promo for the event. im not sure whether u guys still got time to enter this event or not. *i hope still got time*

so, Kelab Rakan Muda MMU Cyberjaya is hosting an event called MMU Rakan Muda Run 2011. u guys basically have to run for 10 km. *its quite a distance* and PUMA is sponsoring!!!
so hurry up! u guys have to pay rm35, then u guys will be getting an exclusive PUMA t-shirt for the run *its limited. based on first come first serve.

for more info, visit
and do like their facebook page

if u guys participating this event, THANK U SOOOOO MUCH FOR UR SUPPORT!

x o x o

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