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Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello Kelantan!

yep, i travelled alone yesterday. no Mom and no Bro.
yay! im an independent person!
i can do it alone! hahaks!

*muke cover selfie. xnk org tau..hahaks*
haha! well it is just an hour and 5 mins journey from Subang Airport by plane.
oh, i am super duper in love with planes now. i can anywhere if and only if i got to travel by plane. haha! sgt gediks di situ.
so this time, forget about AirAsia and FireFly. MAS lg la perlu dilupakan.
its Malindo Air.

overall, okay je. just like Firefly. ive been on Firefly once from Subang to Penang. same feeling. just that the snacks on Firefly are more nicer. hehe!
i was given a hard red bean bun and a drinking water. compared to Firefly, i got croissant and an orange/apple juice. i think thats the different. 

 masyaAllah..what a magnificent view. this was taken a few minutes before the landing.
so this how Kelantan looks like from above (^.^)
throughout the journey, the skies are cloudy..soooooo beautiful
then, i think of that cartoon
how can he manage to turn the clouds into foodssss..lots and lotsssss of foooddddsss!
my darling accompany me yesterday while waiting to check in..and to get into the departure hall.

we came early. then we had breakfast at Subway. 
nasib baik ade acik ni nk tlg angkat beg naik tangga jejantas tu..hehe!  (^.^)

as soon as i reach Kota Bharu, i didnt waste anytime. 
i was brought to Yati Ayam Percik on our way home, Tumpat.
Kelantan is famous for Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Percik.
so i we tapau and rush home.
i was soooo hungry at that time.
i dont know what got into me that makes me soooo hungry these days..
i'll update more soon, okay.
take care and have a great long weekends my dearly darlings!


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