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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

friends and stabbers

im kinda confused right now.
why on earth did someone wants to be ur friend, then stab u in ur back? 
is it a trend now? well, i got lots of it during my school days..but we're not getting younger duhh~
we should be more matured when it comes to relationship
ure supposed to have lots of friends as u grew up older..but..that didnt happened to me
as i grew older, i got less and less friends
well, thats because i choose who can stay, and who can go to hell
i think that it is better for u to be alone than being around with stabbers. right?
it is not the end of the world if u dont have friends, but u just going to have less connection in the future. im aware of that. but what can i do? i hate being stabbed like old times. and most important thing is that my heart is not that strong to keep on munching those things. so i decided to be free from all that.

what im trying to say here is that, it is okay for u to choose whats best for u. yep, i know that envy feeling when u saw others with tons of friends. but wake up, thats not happening to u. considere that theyre just lucky. u just have to keep on living ur life. thats all. do things u love. and find gf/bf that will be there for u.
when someone loves u, they'll do anything to make u happy. dont worry, that time will come sooner or later..thats all.

thanks for taking ur time to actually reads my blog


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