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Monday, October 21, 2013


Hello Readers!

After a week of mid-semester break, im back in KL! So today i went to campus even that i dont have class. I sat in my closest lecturer's room.
Im not alone. Aeen & Zaty was there too. When i reached campus, i was lunch time. So my tummy was soooo grumpy. I asked them to accompany me to KLCC to have Nando's. After thinking briefly, i decided to have Nando's delivery. Yay! Problem solved! I dont even have to get up to get my lunch. And they was fast too! I got my lunch in less than 30mins.
Im one happy girl with happy tummy today! Then later someone brought m&m cookies from AkidCookies. And that was nice too! So today im full with chicken, and lots of cookies too!

Have a great week ahead peeps!


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