Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Monthly-versary!

finally, after weeks of waitingss..
we finally got to go out together. he's busy..and im busy too with family affairs and my fyp..
he's busy working..and training..and coping with shifts..ciann :(
so we decided to celebrate our monthly-versary at The Curve Damansara.
venue? Tony Roma's 

 our starter..kinda garlic bread.. then simple meat soup.. 
so this is our main dish of the night. lamb ribs with 1/4 chicken accompanied by mash potatoes and broccoli. 
because we went out kinda late in the afternoon, he is starving. so thats why..
me? still decent.. (^.^)

to my darling Aflah Saidi, happy 23th monthly-versary! i hope that we will still hold each other's hands thru ups and downs that will come in our way soon. and we will forever love each other. and keep praying for our next level of relationship, okay?


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