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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the tale of pavlova and me

hello readers

what am i about to talk in this post is about my 'guilty plessure'
i got this pavlova from one of my lecture, Madam Ramona
she is the best bakers i ever taste!
the pavlova was not so sweet nor too creamy. just right for my taste.
and this pavlova was only rm35
and i got superbly big strawberries ONLY on top of my pavlova

this pavlova was actually to celebrate my monthly-versary with my MrSaranghae. but unfortunately, he have to work overtime on that day. 
so im left with the pavlova alone
well, it wont be good if i keep it til late afternoon but MrSaranghae will only finishes his work time at i have to eat it. 
so as u can see, i ate more than half of that Pavlova. i am soooooo lucky that im at my lecturer's workplace at that time with few friends. so they helped me too.

so the moral of my story for is that, dont try to surprise him. because u dont know what will be planned next. haha! sounds sooooooo 'redha'. haha!
anyway guys, have a great day! and take care


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