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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the V word

hello ladies!

many of us are unaware on how to take care of our V. we often take our shower and change our clothes during the day. but do we pay attention to our V?
first step is to 'clean it right'. tap water is just not enough. our V need something more than just a tap water. 
so lets watch this:

i like the yellow one if u ask me. 
if ure curious to know more, feel free to visit 

besides, a pantyliners are also crucial!
my choice? i use 3 brands: Carefree, Intimate and Kotex
but i rarely use Kotex.


by wearing a pantyliner, u will feel more cleaner down there. and u wont have to worry about odour. because most of the pantyliners have greean tea estract or anti odour agent which will help to minimize the odour :)

so lets protect our V! remember, its important!


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