Monday, October 28, 2013

Tale of me and my Bff

hello my dearly readers..
so last weekends, i went back to my Dad's house.
on Saturday, my Dad asked me and my bro to go with him to Endau :)
pergi balik hari je. not staying there because my Dad, Mama and lil bro will catch their flight to Kuching Sarawak on the next day, which is Sunday.
he actually wants to see his house progress. he is building a house there. so he wanted to see whether there's any problem or not..and maybe a few things to add or to remove.

so, after sending my Dad, Mama and lil bro off at the airport, i went straight to my Bro's house in Cyber to take the car. i planned to meet my bbf, Adiana Othman. but its kinda early in the morning, i fell asleep in the car while warming up the car. haha! 
*i woke up at 4am to send my Dad for his 710am flight!*
so then i met my bff around 9am. and we went straight to the Starbucks. i need some caffeine to sober up. haha!
and as u can see here, im messed up! its all because i slept in the car. haha!

so we sat at the Starbucks for hours, complaining..and gossiping..and ALL!
its been long we didnt see each other. so, there are lots of things to be told. im happy that things have been good to her. she have job now with good salary. well, she is 25 and now she got her eyes on Honda and a studio apartment in front of her workplace in Cyberjaya! so can u imagine how great her life is? just in case ure wondering where is she working, she works at the T-System in Cyberjaya!
she is now building up her life. and im happy for her. no matter where she is right now, she is still the person who i used to know. the same person i met during our uni life together. 
then, we had meatballs for lunch! yummmssss! its been long! but its too bad that my MrSaranghae cant join us because he had his volleyball tournament :(
we had a great time imagining how our house will look like in the showrooms in IKEA. we're laughing..and do some silly things. haha! 
i missed being who i am. with her, i dont have to cover anything. she is soooo cool with any of my behaviours. thats the best part of having someone who knew like EVERYTHING about u. she is someone who dont judge others. and most important thing is that, she is happy with who i am. she is such a true friend. if ure reading this, i love u, Edie! and im glad that i have u as my friend. and i hope we'll be friends for the rest of our life!

p/s: jgn buat buat lupe that u promised to let me do some decorations to ur house, okay?! love u babe!


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