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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to my BamBam!

happy birthday sayang..
u called me juz sooo touched with all the things u said.
*i yg spatutnye say things yg make u terbalik pulak*
sebak gak la..(dah termgalir air mate pun..)
im sorry that i couldnt be there with u
but syg, u know how badly i wanted to be there with u right?
starts from 0000 to 2359
but, what to do..
im sorry

i promise, later i will make it up to u.
ive done some surprises for u.
nnt when i met u, i'll give u

to: muhammad shabil bin shamsuddin,

happy 20th birthday!
lia doakan semoge abg panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki..
lia hope..
all ur wishes come true.
and abg will always sehat wal'afiat..
all the best with ur photography. im so proud to have somebody awesome mcm abg.
whatever u do, lia will always be ur NO.1 supporter. 
see u soon, okay honey.

x o x o

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