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Friday, November 12, 2010

A lil something for my BFF

Excited plak nk wat frame nieh. Hehe! Its for my BFF - eza & aten. In a few more days, we going to our hometown. Except for aten. Die mmg org kl..hehe! Cool huh..
Ble da siap nmpk cantik la (dr jauh..klu zoom in..nmpk la ketidaksempurnaan).
Tp I juz think positive - wat dgn ikhlas..huhu!
Seriously guys, I hope u gonna love it. Its our picture. Printed on a paper. Then I framed it. So that u guys will always remember me (remember each other). Hehe!
I can't wait to give this to u guys..
See u soon eza & aten!!!

x o x o

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