Thursday, November 25, 2010

My working life

Its kinda interesting to be working. But once ure in that world, its exausting. Hmm..I wish that I will never have to work..hehe! (Its impossible right?)
I'm working at very bottom a beginner in photography. I met people who wanted me to this and that..its sooo annoying. Before this, I'll get everything done by other people who work under me. But now, I have to change that. I have to have a fresh start. My mom asked me to. THAT'S LIFE.
Well, so far I'm still standing. I have a few more days until this weekend to work. So I will just have to really do my very2 best.
I met international people. They're from Korea, Philipine, Indonesia, Singapore and even Malaysia. Now, I became friends with people in Asia..
Insyaallah, I will go to Korea next year. I can't wait for it. Its going to be the end of next year.
I just came back from bringing the Koreans for sight seeing. The ferry and the Penang Bridge. Unfortunately, we couldn't get on them..we just see them from afar.then we went the Queensbay to see the night view of the bridge. Tomorrow, I will still have to work.

Till then

x o x o

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