Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last day..

Today is kinda my last day of semester 5 in unikl. Soooo damn fucking happy that finally these are over! I dun want to see that fellas' face anymore! They make me sick! Eeeeuuuuwwww! But I'm soooo sad that I have to apart from my best buddy, eza n aten.
Td kul 830pm send eza to kl sentral. Sayu plak hati..she is soooo nice! She let me stay in her house even though she's not here. Her train suppose to come at pity her..her train was delayed. But, I have to go by 1030..cuz the LRT is working til 11pm only. Sian eza kne tggu xpe, die tu berani. Huhu!
Before that, kul 515pm td I send aten to LRT Kg Baru. While walking, we did chat. Haha! I'm sure I'm gonna miss her. Lps ni, da jarang la I jumpe die..xde la org yg nk gaduh dgn I da..huhu! Haha! I hope to see u guys next year ya!

P/s : if eza read this, sorry la sbb xdpt tggu smpi tren smpi td..
If aten read this, sorry la klu aku sgaje cri pasal nk gaduh dgn ko..hehe! Ko je yg memahami aku luar & dlm..susah nk dpt kawan mcm ko.

x o x o
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  1. alololor syg....sho shweet....miss u la syg...sorry sbb bgn lmbt sume....all night awake main game...nothing to do pown realy...hehehe....i know ur working so thats y xnk kacau sgt,,,,i miss u n i love u syg! just keep up the good work and i know syg that u'll do fine!! dun give up and be alwasy praying for u tau!!....why i say all these things in a comment on ur matter what way i say it..i mean it from the doesnt need to be written as a blog post...any shape and form is u syg!!!

  2. hehe! ita okay noe syg..huhu! ure not like that anymore right..hehe!