Monday, November 15, 2010

what an unpleasant news for the night.. should i start..?
i bru tgk my carry marks..quite disappointed..
im the first person who get out room the class
i got high marks for my tests and quizzes
just that my project didint work properly.
the update button is not working 
xkn sbb 1 bende tu je makes my marks soooo low?
compared to everybody yg main2 in class, dtg pun lmbt..amek kje lab org lain then email to miss.
seriously, not fair.
i worked hard for it
try to do the best i could. but still.
ntah ape la yg kurang..even the dumbs got higher than me. 
org yg always tnye i in class got higher than me!
so now i really2 have to do well in my final. 

x o x o

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