Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My firs day having fun at night after weeks of struggling with works. I got eyebags now! Urgh! I need to do a lot of things to make me look good again. I need to strictly follow my diets n gym scedule. Hope it will all turn out nicely soon. Hehe!
So far, I hate working life.

* * * * *

Bru je hbs tgk cte ASMARA. Tragis tu kisah hidup Zalia tuh. I wants asmara n zalia to be together. But it turns out that zalia's father fake Zalia's death so that asmara can be happy with melati. Urgh! Kesian zalia. She really2 love asmara.
Based on that drama, it makes me realise that we have to appreciate people that we love before its too late.
So start saying "I love u" to the person u love. Before its too late.

p/s : I love u, shabil

Gudnite people!

x o x o

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